Don't Pay For Professional Photography!

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Why You Shouldn't Pay A Professional Photographer.

They're too expensive.

It's only pressing a button!


Almost every business has a website now and almost all have some kind of visual marketing literature, be it a business card, leaflet or booklet.  A leaflet full of just text is such a visually boring document that doesn't have any reading appeal.  A website without any photographs, is considered as untrustworthy and in this contemporary world that we live in, it's rare to discover a business that doesn't use photographs or video for promotion.

You would be classed as pretty foolish to believe that photography was unimportant to your business.  When a business shows photographs of their company or products, your consumer / customers would make decisions based on the imagery shown on your marketing material and website.  It doesn't have to cost the earth to put photographs in your shop window for your customers. 

Paul Carvell, Managing Director - The SFB Group, Nuneaton.

I'd recommend hiring somebody that your friend recommended, because they make nice pictures and put them on Facebook.  They purchased a camera for Christmas and started up a Facebook Page to declare themselves a photographer.  You could hire someone like that because they paid for an expensive camera and that would save you some money and you'd still get some photographs for your business.  They've clearly watched a lot of Youtube videos and after all, they only only press a button, how hard can it be?  They're only photographs (that represent your brand, that show people what you think of your business and sell everything you offer)!

Just by analysing the context of that situation; As a business, you know that photographs are very important for your company website and marketing material.  You value your business so highly that you don't want to pay extra, if you can help it.  By hiring a cheap photographer in this way, you're paying someone that has had no formal training, they just bought a camera, which took very little skill.  I'd hedge bets that they couldn't even tell you why the photograph works or doesn't.  It's a bit like throwing mud at the wall to see if some sticks.  You're putting the whole marketing prospect for your business in to the hands of a cowboy that doesn't actually know anything about photography.  A few pretty pictures here and there and suddenly, they're gonna charge a business for their hobby.  

There's a reason schools, colleges and universities are teaching photography as part of the curriculum.  The reason is to provide the world with a group of professionals in that industry and through all of this evolutionary business progression, a businessman hires an amateur to promote their business.  Sounds like a joke doesn't it?

Marketing Imagery for Diabetes UK.

Can you begin to see why you shouldn't pay for a professional photographer yet?

If you hire a professional photographer, it will cost your business a good amount of money.  If you hire a pro. you'll pay more but you can be guaranteed that you will get the photographs you paid for.  They'll look great, they'll look clean and be in high definition.  Contextually the photographs will stand out and tell the right story.  They'll make your business look like you've paid for a professional, it will look like you care more about your business than saving a few hundred pounds.  It will look like you're a professional outfit.  You'll have professional images, so your output must also be professional.  Your business must be a good, solid and trustworthy company.

How can anyone imagine using that company down the road that has cheap pictures on their website, when your website and marketing material stands out by a country mile?

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The main reason you shouldn't pay for a professional photographer like me is because the service costs a lot.  You'd get a fully insured professional.  Your work will be backed up for the next 12 months and beyond.  You will be able to communicate with ease your requirements.  I will understand what you want before you know completely.  I'll also know what you can't have, what's out of your reach and what you can have technically and creatively but more importantly, how to get what you do want.  If my camera breaks on the shoot, I'll just use my back up camera.  I'll have every bit of kit required for modifying the light for the photographs.  The business side of things will work much smoother.  You'll be able to hire me, know what you're getting, what it will cost, how long it will take and all of a sudden, your website and marketing material is working for you, it's pulling in new business because you now look professional.  I'm not saying you don't but can you imagine what you'd look like if you hired someone because they're cheap?

If you think it's expensive hiring a professional, wait until you hire an amateur!

I don't mess around, let's get straight to the point, if you need pictures and or video, get in touch.