Hi, nice to meet you, kind of!

This isn't exactly a meeting but hopefully you'll get a good idea of who I am through my website.

I'm not easy to understand and many people think I'm a little on the odd side.  I look perfectly normal but underneath it all, my head is a little messed up.  I put it down to the incredibly colourful, experimental and risky lifestyle choices of my first 30 years on Earth.

I began my adult life as a nightclub and mobile dj, got mixed up with risky experimentations in the 90's, got involved with an organised crime gang, fled the UK for Israel, returned to Blighty and struggled with homelessness and all the pressures from life on the streets and then built my life up and around those experiences.  This is all I can write on in public but believe me, it's been a hell of a journey and I have stories that even I can't remember.

This has made me the strange, inspirational, thoughful and visual practicioner that I've become.  

I'm a playful photographer and filmmaker that loves to seek out gentle humour and record that fun and positive side of life in both my still photographs and my films and I'm also great at digging in to those deeper emotional stories with compassion. 

This photo is actually about 5 years old now and was shot by my wife in our studio, when we had one.  I now look about 5 years older and wear glasses but with more wrinkles and grey hairs.

I'm currently in to my 7th year of creating an ongoing social documentary called 'Hinckley and Bosworth Photographed', that can be found by clicking on this link or you can visit the Facebook page with this link.

Feel free to get in touch if you're interested in commissioning me or if you'd just like to make contact.  I'm really easy going and love people.

Thanks for coming to my website, I do appreciate it.



De Montfort University - Permanent Exhibition - Board Room - Sublunary 15 Series - 2017

De Montfort University - Degree Show - Vijay Patel Building - Sublunary 15 Series - 2017

Atkins Building Gallery - Friends of Hollycroft Park Exhibition - National Lottery Funded - 2016

Atkins Building Gallery - NWHC - 2015

Atkins Building Gallery - NWHC - Footballs Backside - 2013


Awards and qualifications:

De Montfort University - Photography & Video - BA Honours - 2017

Calumet - Student Photographer of the Year - Runner Up - 2016

NWHC - HND - Photography - 2015

AOC - Student Photographer of the Year - 2013



The Tin Hatters - 2014

Martin Kohala - 2014

Behind The Gloves - 2013