An alien invasion of the planet Earth

Sublunary ~ Belonging to this world as contrasted with a better or more spiritual one.

"The concept was irrational to sublunary minds"

Each photograph has been created in a single frame, over 15 seconds and coinciding with the rotation of Mother Earth.

Earth had long been admired from afar. The human race had conquered the planet yet were so fallible and weakened by themselves in blindness.

Invasion was the only solution to save humanity from themselves.

To dematerialise and then materialise as recognisable human objects was the most insane plan, to infiltrate and appear on Earth as everyday objects but with the inability to completely shake off their other worldly appearances seemed the only way for this plan to succeed and with such danger of failure, the time was then.

They arrived…

De Montfort University hold the first five prints, which were created on Fine Art Giclee Baryta Glossy paper.

These are available as a collection and individual prints, poa.


This short film (below) has been created by me, complete with designed soundscape and voice over, using the still images from the project Sublunary.