Paul Hands Photography Update

Hi again, well it's been a little while since posting on my blog.  I've been rather busy.  Me and my wife Lisa have been very hard at work with designing and building our new photography studio, which is now almost ready for an announcement of our open day.  Please keep an eye for this because it's gonna be a great day where we'll be giving free portraits to anyone that comes along.  

We've also been very hard at it with our photography studies and producing awesome commercial photography projects.  I've been working on Guinness, my favourite beer of course! Here's a little teaser, showing the style of portraits being used in my Guinness advert (using my wife as a model)!

I've also been tinkering with my commercial photography brand and pricing structure.  I've managed to keep it simple and the nice thing is my prices and commercial photography have already been proven to be exactly what my clients want and are happy to pay for.  You can have a look at the structure here, believe me it's very easy to grasp.

I'm already taking lot's of bookings for 2015 and it seems like it's going to be a very busy year. A challenge that I'm ready for and really excited about.  So I'll finish with a hook, let me know if you need any photography asap.  If you like my style, then please do get in touch quite quickly because there is only one of me.