Wedding Photography

So I shot my first full wedding on Friday and really surprised myself.  I felt like I commanded the day really well and got some awesome shots too.  I started the day inspecting and shooting the table decorations at the Halloween themed event at 11am and then rushed round to the Brides house.  She didn't turn up until 12:30pm which left me with very little time to create some great images at that point.  I managed to get some candid images of everyone getting ready before I had to shoot off to the pub to photograph the Groom and his party.  Then I had to rush back to photograph the bride having her dress done up, the rush back to the Church.  The Bride turned up 35 minutes late and much to the displeasure of the Vicar.  Everything went quite well from there.  The church shots I created look really good and then I managed to get some creative shots with the B&G at their wedding venue.  Then I had the massive task of trying to organise 100 guests in to a group shot, I shouted at them a few times and it worked.  Then I spent the rest of the evening collecting candid images of all the guests having loads of fun throughout the night until I left for bed at about midnight, shattered!  Here's just a couple of my favourite images from the day.

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