Eve of the big fight

So we're on the eve of Martins BBU heavy weight fight in Dudley.  He'll be having a good nights sleep to prepare himself.  He'll wake in the morning and have a good breakfast.  He told me that he will be going to have his hair cut ready for for the fight.  He has to look his best for the photos, not that he's got much to cut!  We'll all be travelling up to Dudley in several car loads and I'm pretty damn sure there will be plenty of banter flying around.  It's gonna be one hell of a party tomorrow night, when he comes home as the winner.

Seeing this image and the motion blur on Martin's fist doesn't do him any justice at all.  Look at how Jerry's muscles are tensed up.  Martin really has got an iron fist.  The power and pace of his right swing is immense and the noise he makes when he connects with the pads is not one you'd want hear as it hits your face.