Footballs Backside

These four images come from my very first photo book called 'Footballs Backside'.  I've been digging through my archives to see what space I can free up on my hard drive.  Well this book was when Paul Hands Photography was first created in Hinckley in the Midlands. This was my first journey in to becoming a social and sports documentary photographer began.

It's been a roller coaster ride to say the least.  I'm still studying my art and aiming for my Bachelor of Arts Degree which should arrive in the next two years!  The nice thing is that I'm already being recognised for my hard work and picking up the odd job along the way.

At the moment I'm on my Summer break from University and have not been sitting back enjoying the late mornings.  I'm still getting out and perfecting my craft.  I've been doing a bit of work on my street photography and covering events.  I've also been working on some landscape photography in conjunction with my Facebook page Hinckley Photographed.

Anyway, I'm rattling along about any old rubbish here.  Why don't you just enjoy these four images from Footballs Backside...

Created during Man City's visit to Wembley for their FA Cup Final match loss against Wigan Athletic.

A couple sitting on the bank of the river Trent waiting for kick off against Leicester City during the season of 2012.

So it's alright for some to walk across the pitch.  I spent the day at Macclesfield Town FC making images for my book, Footballs Backside.