Paris Photo

We're already making plans for this years trip to Paris Photo in November.  We're going to be staying in a different hotel this year too, so no more late night Belushi's binge drinking!  I'll be going all out to make an awesome body of work in the streets of Paris and this time with better knowledge of the City and a real eye for details but with an even better camera.  I simply can't fail to produce some great street photography this time round.  I didn't do a bad job last time either.  I created 'The Parisian Grid' last year.  A series of seven photographs that box individuals inside a virtual grid in the centre of one of the busiest Cities in Europe.  City dwellers seem to fashion a life of solitude and only break out of their box occasionally so they can socialise or work.  This series represents a metaphor for unachievable isolation.  Here it is for those that haven't seen it before.

Click on each image to enlarge.