Keeping on top of my website.

Just lately I've been snowed under.  Life can sometimes take over and keep you doing real stuff like washing up or Fighting off three animals that walk under my feet as soon as I move from the desk in our office space.  In between eating and sleeping both myself and Lisa have been slogging away with our Uni studies.  It's dominated our lives for a long time but it's given us so much knowledge about our art.  Anyway, I'm going off piste a little here.  I've neglected my website.  I'm getting enquiries for work through it, so I've been forced to get back in to and show my best work.  I've set up two new galleries which include several images from my street photography escapades in Amsterdam, London, New York and my favorite of all, Paris.  I'd be happy to hear what you think, after all feedback is the best form of learning.  

Street Photography:

In Colour

In White & Black


Click on each image to enlarge, then follow the links if you fancy having a look at my new galleries.  Thanks for reading.