The Visitors...

...have been watching us for Thousands of Years.  They arrived in their flying machines and flattened the Earths natural habitat.  Humans were caged and kept as mice.  Life as we knew it had changed forever.  The Visitors were impossible to defeat with technology far more superior to ours.

Only messing!  The weekend is finally here, after a hard week.  I've been out on several location shoots this week. Both night and day.  The recent night shoot, I went with my mate Charlie Shelton who's just beginning to discover his love for creating photographs.  It was a good laugh and and a bit hair raising too.  We ended up at Greenhaven Woodland Burial Ground but got spooked by some unexplainable flapping around in the hedge rows.  Here's my series from this night shoot with the theme of The Visitors.

I've not been out on as many shoots as I'd like to have but let this be the beginning of a very active year with my camera.

Click on each image to enlarge.