Missing Street Photography

by Paul Hands

I'm aching.  My bones are twitching!  My eyes are doing somersaults.  I've been researching some of the most amazing street photographs and it's breaking me.  I just want to get out and do some.  It means taking a trip in to the city so I have more subjects, backdrops and people to work with. 

Just take a look at this absolutely perfectly timed street photograph by IIan Burla...

This sort of a shot is sometimes a once in a lifetime opportunity and requires such speed, skill and observation from the photographer.

The one time I managed to get something close to this is this next photograph that I created in Paris, Montematre, Artistes Square...

So, in light of this affliction, I'm going to plan a day or two in the city, perhaps Birmingham.  Yeah I'll go to Brum, I'm sure I'll find something there.  Just need to be carefull carrying around expensive kit.  I've been there many times and know just what it's like!!!  Perhaps I'll take a friend with me, one with a big stick!