Monster Munch and The Perseid Meteor

I spent most of the night in the dark travelling around Warwickshire searching for a good spot to make some night time landscapes of the Perseid Meteor Shower.  It wasn't all that successful in terms of getting the shot I wanted but I did get some really nice photographs.  I suppose that isn't all truthful, I did get the shot I wanted and it was one in a million but I knocked the aperture ring and sent the photo slightly out of focus.  I landed Chesterton Windmill at night with a perfect exposure at the exact time a meteor flew directly over the windmill and in a small gap in the clouds that is in the shape of a Monster Munch crisp.  Here it is...

Click on each photograph to enlarge.

It wasn't all a failure last night, I did manage to bag myself some beautiful landscapes that were so sharp and in complete focus.  They're very dramatic photographs and I'm quite proud of them.

I also created different compositions of Chesterton Windmill.

I created this photograph at Draycote Water near to Dunchurch in Warwickshire whilst hunting for some good spots for photographing the meteor shower.

I particularly like this frame because I included my good friend Charlie who's recently taken up photography and can be seen making an exposure with his own kit..  Charlie introduced me to this landmark, which I'm very thankful for.