Beautiful Suicide

Almost 20 years ago, I lost a very good friend to suicide.  Jamie was his name, he hung himself in the flat that we shared over a bout of hidden depression.  He left this world from the comfort of his own home.  It left a trail of destruction behind that has been dealt with but never forgotten. The feelings of pain, loss, grief, anger, isolation are too real when you're left wondering why.

Mental illnesses have been looked down on in the past by few but in 2016, more and more people are more sensitive to the very real nature of the beast, yet it still goes on.  As we approach the anniversary of the late celebrity Robin Williams, it seems appropriate to raise more awareness.

This project called 'Beautiful Suicide' is a disconnected view of an area of outstanding natural beauty along the Jurassic coast line of Devonshire, in particular the cliff top walk from Exmouth to Sandy Bay.  The walk begins with a sign for the Samaritans, which immediately draws your attention to the historical nature of human suicide through association.  Yet these cliff tops are so beautiful when looking out to sea and the surrounding countryside.  

It's hard to imagine somebody taking their lives when they have so much beauty staring them in the face but they do.

They leap to their deaths, leaving behind stunning views of the world.

Perhaps it's more beautiful where they go to?

Perhaps, to them it doesn't matter?

Perhaps, to us, they do!