From Corporate Portraiture to Cocktails on the Roof

Professional Corporate Portraiture... where it all began.

I was invited by one of my long standing clients; Mode Transport Planning, to their fifth birthday party.  Our business relationship has been going on since 2014, when I was contracted to do some corporate portraiture.  

David Frisby, Managing Director, Mode Transport Planning.

Cocktails on the Roof... where it has come to. 

Whilst I was invited to join Mode Transport in their celebrations, naturally I was encouraged to bring along my camera and was paid as what was noted as a Busmans holiday.  It really was an honour to help out by recording the party with still images so that a more unified feeling can be experienced between Mode Transport and the clients that were also invited.

Professional Headshot Service... what I've mainly been providing for Mode Transport and have also produced documentary styled photographs around their offices for use on their website to give the professional image they have successfully built over the past five years.  I've also created a tailored set of stock images based around the transport industry to aid the visual impact of the Mode Transport Planning website.

Here's a selection of images from the roof top cocktail birthday party.

Mode Transport Planning

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