American Bedroom by Barbara Peacock

It is with the permission of Barbara that I write this blog.

I discovered a really cool street photography group some years ago now, called Pure Street Photography.  The page was created by a wonderful lady called Barbara Peacock from Portland, Maine in the USA.  There are other amazing street photographers that have been carefully chosen to administer the Facebook page.  Anyhow, this is how I came across Barbara, whom I am Facebook friends with and have never met.

I've watched Barbara create amazing works of photography over the last 5 years and what drew me to her work initially, was the fact she'd been making photographs of her hometown from 1982 - 2014 in a similar way to that which I've been doing with Hinckley Photographed.  

You can have a look at her work for Hometown here.

Her latest body of work (amongst many other brilliant projects) is called 'American Bedroom' and it truly shows how far Barbara has come with her talent for documentary photography.  This series of environmental portraits; documents the people who have agreed to work with Barbara within their most intimate spaces.

The project offers a very gentle and caring insight into the hidden lives of the American people and reveals very detailed and personal moments.  I'm trying not to babble on about the work too much and wish to allow the images to speak for themselves, so without any more procrastinating, here's one hell of a project to give you an insight in to the possibilities of photography done in the right way and by the right person.

This is just a small selection of photographs from Barbara's project, so please go to her website, using this link and look at the rest of the photographs.

Barbara has also just been awarded the Getty Editorial Grant in Perpignan, France at the Visa pour L'image Festival for 2017, which is a huge achievement.  You can read more about her award here.