Modern, Deep, Distraction

This is a a triptych of images concentrating on how the light trails from aeroplanes zip through the night sky like meteors from outer space.  

My intention was to create an abstract series using these light trails to add drama to what would normally be perceived as a boring picture.  

Gazing deep in to the night sky, considering all things universal and with the interruption of human progress and the modern technology of today's transportation, as a distraction.  

These pictures serve as a metaphor for how modern humanity has become obsessed with science and technology. 


This link below will take you to the website of my long running social documentary of Hinckley & Bosworth District.

Sir David Attenborough & The Attenborough Arts Centre Documentary Film

A team of four people; Paul Hands, Kate Rendell, Lydia Wood and Ανδρέας Πολυκάρπου created and produced a short documentary with Sir David Attenborough on behalf of the Attenborough Arts Centre at Leicester University.

We're sharing this now at an appropriate time with Sir David Attenborough's 90th birthday being on Sunday 8th May, 2016.

Attenborough opened a newly refurbished arts centre on Lancaster Road in Leicester on behalf of his late brother Lord Richard Attenborough who worked so hard during his life for the arts and helped to form Attenborough Arts Centre in his name.

Please click on the image below to watch the short documentary and then follow this link to visit the website for Attenborough Arts Centre.