Paul Hands

Spaced Men

A New Feature Film

A fictional story written and directed by Lee Price.

Lee Price is an experienced filmmaker based in Hinckley and has created three features, filmed locally and has now sought and joined a talented team of creatives together to work on his more adventurous 4th film, Spaced Men.

The screen play has been written and read, then each of us has spent time wondering how to bring this to life. We’ve been out on a first scout of locations and even completed some test shoots. Now the ideas are really starting to flow and there’s an energy building for something that can become something quite special.

We have Lee Price as Director, Cameron Savage as Assistant Director, Myself Paul Hands as Director of Photography, Mark Hartopp as the VFX, technical expert, Matt Cobb as main character Matt and practical effects, Paul Mackanzie as a main character - Paul, Benjamin Swinton as drone pilot, produced by John Brookes and we have a wide network of creatives and professionals that are collaborating with us along the way.

We’re in the early stages of what is believed to be a lengthy estimated 18 months to bring this film to screen. There’s tons of stuff happening in the background, we’re making solid progress and it’s going to be really exciting bringing news to you about this as we go. You might even get some sneak peeks at some of the footage and trailers.

Mark is building a website where we’ll be able to update with news on our progress and provide a platform for information on the film and the team of creatives behind the feature. I’ll share news of that as soon as it’s ready.

You can learn more information about Lee’s 2nd feature ‘Frettin’, which is available on Amazon Prime and also has a Facebook page.

I’ll also be updating my blog as we move through the production, if you subscribe, you’ll get news by email as I share it.

Remember the name of this film, Spaced Men, it’s gonna be awesome!

Home to Home

Night Landscape Photographer England

Home To Home

This series of pictures are part of the experimental stage of what could potentially become a new project.

"I leave home and return, that's the single most repetitive thing I do".

The other night I left home to go and make a series of night landscapes around my local area between Hinckley and Coalville.  My search was for the unusual quirkiness surrounding our towns and villages.  Some man made and some natural with street signs, giant posters in the middle of nowhere and concrete bollards in-between such beauty in the landscape.

February News

New Clients:

I'm pleased to welcome new clients Hinckley BID, BJL Group, Morris Homes, ARO PR and Marketing and JJ Churchill on board.  

Also this month I'll be working on new assignments for two existing clients; Mode Transport Planning and the SFB Group.

More work will also be going in to the application to Grants for the Arts through the Arts Council for a major Environmental Portrait project I'm hoping to work on this year.

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Photography Adventures

Immersing in Photography

Photography is so yesterday

Surreal Photography Art

I covered a roof top party for Mode Transport Planning at their head offices in Birmingham during the Summer and towards the end of the night, my wife Lisa discovered these cool stairs.  This week I hand delivered a framed print for them and was proud to hang it on the wall in their office.

Mode Transport Planning
Mode transport Planning

I've managed to raise £1500 for a photographic project around my home town, involving 60 local business owners.  The project is to create environmental portraits of each self employed business owner. 

I'm running a niche workshop on Monday evening, creating low light urban photographs.

The documentary styled short I've been working on for Diabetes UK is finished and we're awaiting news of a release date.  I'm looking forwards to sharing this with you, it's been one of my favourite assignments this year.

I can't forget graduating from university as a mature student this year.  Studying photography has been a long old slog in the establishments.  I've loved every minute of it, even the minutes I wasn't that tickled about.

Bradgate Park Leicestershire

Bradgate Park Leicestershire

I've enjoyed getting creative with my camera, learning to create photographs out of the ordinary that make me feel good about them.  Most of the time, just for the hell of it.

Old John, Bradgate Park, Leicestershire

Old John, Bradgate Park, Leicestershire

Jigsaw Man, Steven Faulkner

Jigsaw Man, Steven Faulkner

Danger High Voltage from the series 'Sublunary 1'

Danger High Voltage from the series 'Sublunary 1'

I'm working on getting some of my best work printed and made available in my online shop.

Yellow Is The Colour Of Sunshine

"Of the colour between green and orange in the spectrum, a primary subtractive colour complementary to blue; coloured like ripe lemons or egg yolks."

Often Yellow is a beautiful colour in the Sun and is synonymous with nature, the brightest of all the spectrum and the colour that usually automatically attracts the eye toward.

This is a short body of personal work that is experimental in practice.  Something which I do to keep my eyes trained on the world.  I find work like this is more a test for myself to prove to myself that I see things differently to others and my desire to share my vision of a slowed down world, brings your attention to this project.

This is my personal work that I sometimes like to just go out for a walk to see what I can find.  A test to see what my eyes and mind are looking at, something that puts me in the zone.

I had no brief, just walked and worked with what ever the environment presented to me.

If you'd like to chat to me, click here.


Album Review for Saal Digital

I have been given the opportunity to test a new book publishing company out.  Saal Digital have created a portfolio book for me and this is my honest review.

At first I was little skeptical as always with a new supplier.  However, I downloaded the software for designing a book with Saal Digital.  Their communication was always by email and was simple and straight forward and very clear to understand.  T

he software download was smooth and opened up easily.  I was already familiar with creating books, so their designing software was easy to get to grips with.  If you've never designed a book before, then you may need one additional support.

Quite quickly, I became frustrated with the software as I felt it was too restrictive as is most other reputable book designing software.  I felt that some of the ideas in my head for how I'd like my book to look wasn't met by the templates already supplied by Saal Digital.  I did manage to overcome this by settling for one of their page templates and managed to create by book in the way I'd like.

Once I'd designed the book, ordering was very straight forward and the speed in which the book was finally delivered was astounding in comparison to companies like Blurb.  My book was designed, submitted, published and delivered within one week.

Upon receipt of the book, it was very nicely packaged and protected well.  My immediate thoughts were how nice the extra padding is.  I wasn't sure exactly what to expect with the padding but it impressed me and has a nice finish to the book.  It adds a nice quality feel to it that sets it apart from a Blurb book.

As you open the book, the lay flat pages that come as standard are printed on a good quality paper that feels like thin card and doesn't bend easily, so it feels safe and easy to turn the pages.  

My photographs really work well on the paper and it felt nice to look through.  Overall, I'm impressed with the book.  

I'd definitely look at using All Digital for future books.

Simon Workers Motor

Here's a short promo video that I put together in my spare time to help save Simon's awesome motor from being to sold to an unloving home.

R-Tech Performance The Movie



A documentary style commercial film, 

about R-Tech Performance and the way in which they do business and interact with their customers.  The owner of R-Tech (Niki Gower) tunes cars to perform out of their skin.  R-Tech increases the power output of the cars that come to their unit in Hinckley, Leicestershire in the midlands.
The modified car scene is still prevalent and especially within the VAG scene (Volkswagen and Audi Group) and Paul Hulme's VAG Tuning and the VAG Gang.
Quite often, Niki from R-Tech will go to the meets at places like Santa Pod Raceway to socialise with customers that have also become friends.
This film tells the story of a typical day at R-Tech, the things that go on at Santa Pod in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and includes the famous rolling road days at R-Tech's unit.
The style in which this short film has been created is a witty documentary with a commercial and promotional purpose.

Click on the logo for Paul Hands to contact him about professional photography and filmmaking.

Click on the logo for R-Tech Performance to contact them about tuning or performance parts.

Stratford Upon Avon Street Photography

My wife Lisa booked herself on to a photography workshop in Stratford Upon Avon and took me along for a stay in the local Youth Hostel overnight, to accompany her.  I wasn't going to sit around in the hostel all day on my tod. So I'd planned a whole day of shooting some street photography to kill some time.

Armed with my new Fuji X-Pro 1, 2 full batteries and a 32GB card; I began by searching for a free parking space, alas... Free Parking and small jaunt in to the town centre.

As any Street Photographer will tell you, it's probably the hardest form of photography known to man and alike a sport for us photographers.  The best way to get in to your stride is to sit and look through some of your favourite websites at some of your favourite photographers to get some inspiration before you set off.

Make sure you've got some good footwear on because you're gonna walk for a long time and quite far.  Have money on you, so you can stop and get refreshments along the route.  I prefer to find small cafes in interesting areas, so I can watch the world go by while I'm eating and drinking for fuel.

The entire evening before, I was somewhat absent minded because I was thinking hard about a theme that I'd like to make some work around in Stratford.  I even spent all morning before arriving; considering what I might find and what style I'd like to shoot in.  I asked myself questions like; What kind of people visit Stratford?  Should I make something around tourists? Should I make a satirical view or be more serious?

I'll be honest, once I was there on the street, everything went out of the window and I just took what I could find.  I did find it very difficult but here are some of the results from my days work.

I also shot some in colour and as you guessed, it became satirical.  I like to play and add some humour in to my work where I can...

Of course these are my favourites from the day and you'll never see the ones that didn't make it!  There's always pictures that stay hidden.

If you liked my work, please leave a comment.  I'm open to critique as well.

A Tough Job with SSAFA (Armed Forces Charity)

I've left it a week before I wrote this blog because it's taken me this long to come to terms with the assignment I have just completed with SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen's Families Association), who have just become a new client for my professional photography business.

If you haven't heard of SSAFA, you can follow this link to see who their charity helps.  They were formed and designed to help the armed forces, Veterans and their families with a number of issues.

They support the British military at home and abroad and are the oldest and longest running military charity.

The assignment I was given, was to make a photographic reportage documentary about an event where the Parents and families of the fallen military men and women, come together to remember them and to help provide support for each other.

It was a very difficult assignment because it felt like being a photographer at a funeral.  The families were sometimes very emotionally upset and to point a camera at the parents of a fallen soldier didn't come naturally.  I truly felt their woes and shed some tears for them the following day, once what I'd done sank in.

I'm a firm believer in the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, so no more from me, have a look for yourself...

Click on images to enlarge.

Thanks for reading and looking through this project.  As you may have noticed; it was very emotional for the families and difficult for me to document.

I welcome any new enquiries about working with me on any assignments, so if you'd like to discuss any future photographic projects with me, please follow this link to get in touch.

Gorman's Fight Club Documentary Film

Following on from my recent book 'Behind The Gloves', This short documentary film is about a Gypsy Traveler, Jerry Gorman and his group of hardened unlicensed boxers, set in the middle of England.

The entire production from start to finish has been created by myself but with verbal guidance from Senior De Montfort University lecturers; Nick Lockett and Laura McGregor.

Please click on the image to play the film and leave a comment for me afterwards (beneath).