The Reception of The Crescent

by Paul Hands

Here's something that's quite astounding.  I posted three digitally prepared images of the proposed plans for the new development in Hinckley town centre on our Facebook page; Hinckley Photographed this evening.  For those of that don't know what Hinckley Photographed is, it's a community page on Facebook that my Wife Lisa and I run.  We have a following of 2373 local and international people and there is an incredible amount of people that like to moan.  There are some positive people in amongst the chaos but generally speaking, most people are so negative.  Complaining about how long it's taken to start, moaning about the way it looks, moaning that it's costing too much and pretty much finding anything they can to be negative.

I'd like to recommend that people lift their chins up and start seeing what's good.  Look for the best in things and enjoy life that little bit more.  It's so sad to read all the depressing comments but a real pleasure to read those that are positive.

I personally think it will only serve to be a good thing for the town.  Just wait and see :)