I'm upgrading my camera

I think it's time for me to upgrade my camera.  I've been using a Nikon D90 for 18 Months now and it has served me well.  I've created some brilliant projects with it, switching between the 18-105mm kit lens and my beautiful 35mm F1.8 Prime lens.  

I noticed the other day when I went with Lisa (my wife) to scout a wedding location for one of next years bookings that in the Church it is quite dark and my D90 just wouldn't give me the correct shutter speeds with the kit lens.  I realised that I need better results in low light.

It depressed me that my beloved D90 just can't serve me any more.  I'm picking up more and more commercial work too so my clients only deserve the best.  Whilst wallowing in self pity an email from Calumet dropped in to my inbox giving me details of the new Nikon D610 full frame camera.  

WOW!  This is just what I've been hoping for.  The D800E is great but it's just so heavy and cumbersome with massive file sizes.  I needed something that is more versatile.  The offer from Calumet is worth me looking at this too.  So a quick call to my credit card company to lower my interest rates filled me with confidence when they reduced all of my current debts from 29.9% to 6.9% for the next 2 years and re-introduced an old card with 0% for 12 months.  This was an omen.

So to cut a long story shorter than what it could be, I'm upgrading to a Nikon D610 this week.  Just in time for a personal project that I'm doing in Skegness next week.

Keep watching for I'm going to be applying my love for Martin Parr's work 'The Last Resort' to my project next week and hopefully with my new D610.

Nikon D610