Stratford Upon Avon Street Photography

My wife Lisa booked herself on to a photography workshop in Stratford Upon Avon and took me along for a stay in the local Youth Hostel overnight, to accompany her.  I wasn't going to sit around in the hostel all day on my tod. So I'd planned a whole day of shooting some street photography to kill some time.

Armed with my new Fuji X-Pro 1, 2 full batteries and a 32GB card; I began by searching for a free parking space, alas... Free Parking and small jaunt in to the town centre.

As any Street Photographer will tell you, it's probably the hardest form of photography known to man and alike a sport for us photographers.  The best way to get in to your stride is to sit and look through some of your favourite websites at some of your favourite photographers to get some inspiration before you set off.

Make sure you've got some good footwear on because you're gonna walk for a long time and quite far.  Have money on you, so you can stop and get refreshments along the route.  I prefer to find small cafes in interesting areas, so I can watch the world go by while I'm eating and drinking for fuel.

The entire evening before, I was somewhat absent minded because I was thinking hard about a theme that I'd like to make some work around in Stratford.  I even spent all morning before arriving; considering what I might find and what style I'd like to shoot in.  I asked myself questions like; What kind of people visit Stratford?  Should I make something around tourists? Should I make a satirical view or be more serious?

I'll be honest, once I was there on the street, everything went out of the window and I just took what I could find.  I did find it very difficult but here are some of the results from my days work.

I also shot some in colour and as you guessed, it became satirical.  I like to play and add some humour in to my work where I can...

Of course these are my favourites from the day and you'll never see the ones that didn't make it!  There's always pictures that stay hidden.

If you liked my work, please leave a comment.  I'm open to critique as well.