UBL 17 Highlights

Boxing Photographs, Leicestershire, Midlands

What an incredible night of unlicensed fighting.  A large group of hardened men avoid going completely underground to fight on the shows put on by Gypsy Jerry Gorman and Elvis Hopkins who runs Kings Gym in Leicester.

The shows are that good, there'll be no time wasted on idle chat.

Watch this slideshow mother fucker...

Oh, and turn your volume up!

Tough hardened fighting men go to war against each other in an unlicensed night of brutal gloved boxing bouts. Jerry Gorman and Elvis Hopkins of Kings Gym in Leicester put on such a good show that only viewing it will tell you what it's about. So get on with it...

UBL 16 Top 10 Pictures So far...

I left The Athena on Saturday night with over 2000 pictures, after a very heavy session photographing the boxing matches for UBL (ran by Gorman & Hopkins Promotions).

I've been working on the post production all day, since waking up until now - 22:48.  I'm turning off the Mac now, my eyes are now 6x4".

Before I do, I felt there are some photographs created at the show that just cannot remain unseen.  They do belong to albums from each fight and can be found on my Paul Hands Photographer & Filmmaker Facebook page here.

However, to find these hidden works of art, you'd have to trawl through the fights, unless you've decided to visit this blog.  Here's my top ten photographs from the 7 fights that I've worked on today.  There will of course be another 11 fights to come over the next couple of weeks but for the time being, have a look at these and check out my explanations as to why I think they're in my top ten.

If you click on the pictures to enlarge them, hover the cursor over the picture and my explanation for why these have made my top ten will appear.

Gorman's Fight Club Documentary Film

Following on from my recent book 'Behind The Gloves', This short documentary film is about a Gypsy Traveler, Jerry Gorman and his group of hardened unlicensed boxers, set in the middle of England.

The entire production from start to finish has been created by myself but with verbal guidance from Senior De Montfort University lecturers; Nick Lockett and Laura McGregor.

Please click on the image to play the film and leave a comment for me afterwards (beneath).